S66 products Being Popular Among Chinese Tourists

Star Combo Pharma Ltd is one of Australia’s nine TGA soft capsules production license holders. With its rapid development, Star Combo was listed in Australia in May 2018. We have best quality healthcare brands in Australia including Living Healthy, Cosa, Amax and J&K ranging from supplements to skincare products. Our vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements are quality controlled and manufactured in Australia. Furthermore there’re nine living Healthy products have been approved to be sold in Chinese market.

With the increasing popularity of Living healthy products, more and more Chinese people are interested in our quality supplements. Recently the Chinese tourists from Sichuan Province came to visit our headquarter in Sydney when they traveled to Australia. They spent time as a part of schedule to snap up our products because they are proud to purchase products from our factory as presents for their family and friends. It’s a busy day for us and our Chinese customers.

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