Be proud to be visited by Chinese media CCTV

Star Combo Pharma Ltd is one of Australia’s nine TGA soft capsules production license holders. It has issued a prospectus and was listed in May 2018. Furthermore there’re nine products under its own brand living Healthy have been approved to be sold in Chinese market.

Living Healthy is one of the best-quality healthcare brands in Australia. Our vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements are quality controlled and manufactured in Australia. All products have undergone clinical trials, and the results have data support. Living Healthy products, with efficacy as the first aim, have a very strict screening system for the use of raw materials. All products are processed in Australia and qualified with TGA and GMP standards. Our products are subject to the Australian Medical Products Act and the Australian Medical Supplies Regulations. So the high standards greatly serve Australian and overseas populations.

The Living Healthy brand story is born out of thousands of pharmacists who have served the Australian frontline. Located in the vast Australian towns and cities, Living Healthy is the only independent brand developed by Australia’s first chain pharmacy, Terry White. For more than 70 years, he has accumulated the experience of Australia’s 450 retail pharmacies and accumulated valuable Australian nutrition and dietary supplement experience.

With the expanding of reputation and increasing popularity of living Healthy, we attract more and more attentions at home and abroad. The most important Chinese media CCTV has visited our headquarter in Sydney in 19th Nov 2018. They gave us high praise and encouragement to the progress we made and the contribution to the industry, local and overseas markets. We are very proud to be dramatically developing enterprise and we are on the way to be a leading enterprise in this industry.

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