CEO Su Zhang becomes shortlist candidates of 2020 CMA(Complementary Medicines Australia) Board Elections

The CMA(Complementary Medicines Australia) holds an annual Board Elections choose the excellent candidates among the healthy industry to fill Board committee positions. This year Su zhang CEO of Star Combo pharma is proudly become the 2020 CMA(Complementary Medicines Australia) Board Elections shortlist candidates.Su is the CEO and Managing Director of Star Combo Pharma, an ASX-listed manufacturer of vitamins, health and dietary supplements. She has over two decades of senior leadership and business experience, including 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sector. Su has previously worked at global healthcare company Abbott as well as Terry White Chemist. She has been CEO of Star Combo Pharma since 2009 and has grown the company from 5 to over 100 staff worldwide today, and her strategic vision has transformed the company into a diversified business with retail, online and B2B divisions, generating $38 million in annual revenues.

Su holds a Masters of Business Administration from University of Technology Sydney, a Graduate Certificate in Commerce and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from University of Sydney.Su’s vision for the direction for the Industry:While the complementary medicines industry in Australia has experienced strong growth and success in recent years due to the growing international demand for local products, if the sector wishes to continue this trajectory in a post-COVID environment, we need the following three key actions:A key mandate we need to ensure is to keep Australian manufacturing local. Australian owned brands should prioritize their ‘Made in Australia’ heritage and this should be key position for the industry to adopt and promote.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown Australia is reliant on overseas supply chains. There is a need for the industry to ‘go back to basics’ on this matter and enhance domestic supply chain capabilities. Strengthening domestic capabilities include developing local talent too, and the sector needs to be active in nurturing the next generation of talent, as well as find ways to attract new blood into our industry.

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