AusBiz Interview with Su zhang, CEO of Star Combo Pharma

Ausbiz is a live streaming service dedicated to business and finance information.  Recently interviewed our CEO Su Zhang on their live streaming channel. The segment includes a discussion on star combo’s expand plan and the trade effect under the current  situation.

As Su replied, Star Combo Pharma aim to be a leading vitamin and supplement manufacturer.
Despite any geopolitical tensions, we believe China and the broader Asian market remains a significant market opportunity for Australian businesses and investors.

There is a huge market opportunity in China and investors should look to the long-term rather than focusing on short-term political tensions. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put health and wellness on the forefront of the minds of customers and this increased demand for health products is here to stay for the long run.

We believe healthcare manufacturing in Australia will experience a renaissance in Australia post-COVID-19. The high governance levels required to manufacture in Australia is one of the nation’s asset and is one of the reasons why we are committed to keeping our manufacturing operations in Australia.

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