The Interview by Finance News Network

Today the CEO of Star Combo Pharma Ltd, Su Zhang received an important interview by Finance News Network.

Su Zhang provided the news media with our magnificent growth strategy, more insight and the great performance our business made in the last year. Asthe review on achievement we got in 2018 Su made, our operating result for FY 2018 was largely in accordance with our expectations, recognizing the significant restructuring and costs that were necessary to set the company up for future success.

The main points to be highlighted from the operating results are:

•the record sales which were 11% up on FY 2017.

• the record marketing spend of just over $1.4million associated with the Living Healthy brand investment which we anticipate will deliver good results in the second half of this financial year and going forward,

• the non-recurring expenses relating to the IPO,

• the share payments to our valuable staff to recognise their contributions in getting the company to where it is today and the continuing role that they will play in our future development,

• the profitability for FY 2018 of $2.2million compares on a like for like basis with $2.3million in FY 2017.

While Su summarized the positive outcome we obtained in the past, she gave an outlook for FY2019 which remains positive with expected growing revenues from our current base business as well as additional revenues and positive cashflow from potential acquisitions.

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