Star Combo Group and Bayugo hold the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation

As an international public company, Star combo continues to meet the needs of customers at all levels. Star combo provides the quality products for billions of people to help them become healthier and happier. For the Chinese market, Living Healthy, the great health business of Star Combo, participated in the event of BAYUGO as the signing brand.

Living Healthy is the only brand independently developed by Australia’s first chain pharmacy, Terry White. It has huge market trust and provides the professional care for customers in cardiovascular health, epidemic prevention, precision vitamin supplementation. The pharmacist team has been established to focus on enhancing immunity and maintaining nutritional and dietary supplements, which are called ‘really effective’ health products.

Steve Murray, national sales manager of Star combo, participated in the event, introducing the quality products of Living Healthy and Amax. He signed the contract with Bayugo for a strategic partnership in the future.

Star combo has cooperated with many well-known China e-commerce sales platforms such as Tmall and JD. As a new partner of Star Combo, BAYUGO has good credibility and development potential. In August 2018, BAYUGO was awarded the vice president unit of the China National Trade Promotion Association, and on March 15 this year, it was awarded the China 3.15 Integrity and AAA Enterprise issued by China Quality Certification Supervision and Management Center.

Hence, as a rising star in the health care products industry, Star combo continues to promote the cooperation with Bayugo for the cross-border e-commerce development.

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