Living Healthy organized Country Valley Milk Farm tour for Overseas leading Daigous

On 3 March 2019, Living Healthy VIP Daigous visited the Country Valley Farm with Living Healthy Marketing team. Country Valley farm is local manufacturer of fresh milk, yoghurt and cream in Australia, where Living Healthy Little Koala range of products can be sourced from. Country Vallley farm has won 10 awards from 2015 to 2017, awarded as Full Cream Homogenised Milk – GOLD, Premium Lite Milk – GOLD, Premium Skim Milk – GOLD so on and so forth.

On the day, the manager of the Country Valley Farm introduced the producing process of fresh milk, yoghurt and cream.  The representative of Daigou group said: ‘It was very unique and special experience for us. Thanks Living Healthy for organizing a such decent and fabulous event for Chinese Daigou. This not only helps us to know more about the brands, but also the ingredients and producing process. We would be feel more comformatable and confident to recommend such dairy products and health supplements to our customers’.


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