Living Healthy Invited to Exhibit at the Alibaba E-Commerce Expo 2018

Living Healthy was proudly invited by Alibaba E-Commerce Expo Organization to exhibit on 21-22 September in Sydney. As an Australia leading nutrition and health care brand, Living Healthy caught great attention from business groups from China, AU and NZ.

Seven Taobao live broadcasters introduced hero products of Living Healthy to over 78000 audiences. Distribution channel partners placed orders on site. As a pharmacy background, professional staffs share the concept of health of Living Healthy.

Mr. Wang, an importer from China, said,

“Since China will implement the new e-commerce law in early 2019, and LIVING HEALTHY is listed on the main board of Australia, it has a pharmacy background and good curative effect.”

“Also eight products have registered for sale in china.

“ I’m very happy to cooperate with such professional health care brands. I can see its great prospects.


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