It’s Men’s Health Week – Let’s Hear It for the Boys!


We may be somewhat biased, but we reckon Australia’s sons are the best collection of blokes the world over. That may have something to do with our sun-blessed country’s way of life, or maybe they owe this status to the legend that is the Aussie mum. But we digress…

Aussie guys absolutely adore their sport, and are spoilt for choice. Cricket, rugby (league and union), AFL, motorsport of all kinds, soccer, darts… the list goes on and on.

But considering a 2011-12 ABS Australian health survey showed a whopping 63% of adults were either overweight or obese, it’s easy to recognise that as a nation we much prefer watching rather than playing.


So, what can be done to combat the fat?

You might actually be surprised that some pretty minor changes to your daily routine can actually lead to drastic changes in your overall health.


When you’re juggling a million things throughout the day and it’s just not possible to make your way to a gym, there are a few exercises you can do to/at/from work:

  • Substitute stairs whenever and wherever you can
  • Get off the bus/tram one or two stops earlier
  • Head outside for a walk and talk with your mates at lunch
  • Do some cheeky leg raises while sitting at your desk
  • Get up a few times a day and then to take a stroll around the office

This list is just the tip of the worxercise iceberg – use your imagination to create a full routine for yourself!


Diet Audit

Eat healthier and save money by preparing your entire week’s lunches over the weekend and freezing them all to be zapped on the day. Focus on using ingredients like chicken, tuna, brown rice and vegetables for the best outcome.

Also, birthdays and other office celebrations often lead to cakes and cookies. Avoid the temptation by popping in some chewing gum as soon as the snacks come out – mint and sweet stuff are worst enemies.

And finally, get some more H2O into you throughout the day. Your body will love you more and more for doing do.


The buck doesn’t stop at the body, though

Being healthy isn’t just about taking care of our bodies, either. Blokes have a tendency to keep things to themselves; just one out of every four who go through depression or anxiety will seek treatment, according to the 2008 ABS National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

It’s important that if you’re not feeling quite right, you always know there’s someone available to have a chat. Between mates, your partner, family members, and 24/7 hotlines, you’re only a phone call away from someone who cares no matter what time of day or night you’re feeling a bit off.


Discover more today

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